10 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

We get it; it's expensive out there. With the high cost of living today and stagnant wages, it's easy to see why many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and finding it hard to not only meet expenses, but also to build savings.

Here are 10 easy ways you can get the cash you need and boost your earning potential:

1. Sell your clothing. Do you have quality, gently-used clothing? With the explosion of online consignment shops, such as Thredup.com, you may be able to turn those clothes into cash.

2. Sell crafts online. Are you good with woodworking, knitting, or crafting other items? Online sites like Etsy.com make it easy to showcase and sell your work.

3. Start a service business. Consider starting a babysitting, lawn mowing, or dog walking business to earn money right in your neighborhood. Tell your neighbors about your business and hand out flyers advertising your services.

4. Participate in online surveys or focus groups. Companies are always looking for participants to share their experiences about a particular product, experience, or service in exchange for money. You can learn about online surveys on sites like Swagbucks.com and Surveyjunkie.com.

5. Trade in your old phones or equipment. Do you have an old iPhone, tablet, or other mobile device sitting in a drawer? Trade it in to earn cash.

6. Take in a roommate. If you have the room, consider renting out a bedroom or finished basement space in your home to earn extra money.

7. Freelance. Do you have a specialized skill, such as blogging, graphic designing, or songwriting? You can advertise your services online at sites such as Craigslist.com, Freelance.com, or Upwork.com.

8. Become a driver. You can turn your car into a money-making machine by driving people with Uber or Lyft or delivering packages for Amazon. Or if you prefer, bring people their meals using your wheels with Doordash.com and Ubereats.com.

9. Housesit. With the increase in burglaries, many people prefer to have housesitters taking care of their homes when they go on vacation.

10. Get seasonal employment. During seasonal periods, such as the winter holidays in retail or summer in landscaping, many companies are looking for extra help.

With a little creative thinking, determination, and hard work, you just may be able to give your earnings – and your savings – a boost.