Impress Employees with Proactive Strategies

Business people have a meeting

Be Detailed

Do not take anything for granted. Double-check your work, and make sure everyone gets accurate information. You do not have to be a nag with your co-workers, but confirm that everything in your workplace is getting done right.

Take Action

Take action as long as it is reasonable and falls within your area of responsibility.

Know Your Manager's Goals

If you know what your manager wants to accomplish, you can deliver it in ways that will make him or her happy. For example, if customer service is a priority, alert your staff to complaints from buyers before anything else.

Be Punctual

Show up for work on time (or earlier) every day. Do not be late for meetings. Make your deadlines. Your staff wants to know you can be counted on to deliver the goods.

Tell the Truth

Your staff can not trust you if you hide things, or if you say only what you think he or she wants to hear. No one respects a yes-person. Be courteous, but give your staff the benefit of your intelligence and experience.