3 Basic Selling Techniques

Business man talking on his cell phone

Most successful salespeople know that persuading customers to buy their products or services depends on some basic techniques that anyone can learn. Use these tactics when you're trying to "sell" your boss, co-workers, or employees on your workplace ideas:

1. Promote simple, fast, and easy.

Customers often buy products if they can be sure that product will help them solve a problem--and do it quickly and easily. Show how your idea will make life easier for the person whose support you need.

2. Stop selling, and let them buy.

Most people like to buy things, but we dislike being pushed into a purchase. Don't be overly aggressive with your idea. Be ready to answer questions, and present your idea as an opportunity.

3. Eliminate the risk.

Money-back guarantees and other sales tactics limit the customer's risk of making a mistake. You can't offer a "warranty" on your ideas, but know the risks of your idea ahead of time, and have solutions ready when your boss or co-worker asks.